Our Journey to Gluten Freedom

We are proud to say we “KNOW OUR DOUGH” and it’s this family bakery know-how that has been passed down from our Dad and Grandad over the years that we have used to perfect our GLUTEN FREEDOM™ range. We want you to enjoy bread that tastes as good as it makes you feel. We have enjoyed baking gluten free bakery products for over 10 years in our dedicated bakery. The knowledge we have gained over this time has given us the ability to bake a range of GLUTEN FREEDOM products, in the safest of gluten free environments. We have built a great team of bakers, who love to make the very best products with our bakery know how.

Our fabulous SLOW DOUGH method allows our bread to rise naturally to create outstanding fuller flavour which sets our GLUTEN FREEDOM range apart. We insist on only using the finest ingredients, packed with goodness, high in fibre and fortified with Vitamin D and Calcium. This process allows the dough to ferment for 24 hours giving us great taste and texture. Our constant quest to make a better loaf and tastier morning goods drives us to make the very best GLUTEN FREEDOM bread we can. Every morning we strive to make the best bakery products out there and we love to develop new products for you to enjoy.

We are proud to say we

Award winning bakery know how

With the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have built up in Gluten Free baking paired with our commitment to bake quaility products to be enjoyed. We have this year been awarded Highly Commended by the 2018 Britain’s Best Loaf for our Gluten Free 6 Super Seeded Sliced Loaf 550g.

Craft Bakery of the Year
Wales True Taste award
Baker of the Year
Bakery Manufacturer of the Year

Robin Jones was named the true taste champion of wales – an accreditation the whole team holds incredibly dearly.

Jones’ village bakery gluten freedom range allows you the freedom to live a happy gluten free lifestyle whilst enjoying delicious proper tasting bread

Robin and Christien Jones

jones’ village bakery